LYO-X is growing! Welcome Elena, Alejandro, and Igor!

24 October, 2023

LYO-X is growing! Welcome guys!

Alejandro Sanz Garcia joined LYO-X in August. He holds a Master Degree in Biotechnology from the ETH Zurich. He likes to go to the mountains and learn languages.

Elena Garciao Montoya joined LYO-X in October for a 6-month internship. Elena holds a Master Degree in Pharmacokinetic Modeling from the Université Paris Cité and a Pharmacy Degree from the Spanish Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche (UMH). She enjoys playing table tennis, street photography and exploring new cities.

Dr. Igor Vostiar joined LYO-X in August. Igor holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the Slovak University of Technology. He has 15 years of biotech/pharma experience with an in-depth understanding of drug development. In his free time Igor enjoys spending time with his family and engaging in sports activities such as biking, swimming, and skiing.